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Review Policy

Peer Review Procedures

When a paper manuscript is received by KSAS, the editors of JKSAS shall select an editor whose specialties befit of the paper most after the plagiarism-checking process. The selected editor will initiate the manuscript-review process, by appointing more than 2 reviewers. Any person in the same interest group with the manuscript author shall be excluded during the reviewer selection process.
The reviewers make a comprehensive assessment on the manuscript and submit opinions. They shall make a decisions on the publication among 몺 Accepted for publication, 몼 Acceptable after revision 몾 Re-review after revision, 몿 Rejected. Depending on the decisions of paper review, the deputy associate editor should go through the following procedures.

(1) When the paper review opinion statements of more than 2 reviewers had evaluated equally as 뚢몺 Accepted for publication 뛬r뚢몼 Acceptable after revision, the editorial members take actions as required for publication through reviewing of editorial members in the related field (At this point, the editor request the author to post the final version of revised manuscript on the paper submission/review page of the KSAS web site in Korean.)
(2) When more than 2 reviewers had decided as 똀ccepted for publication, Acceptable after revision뛞nd똓e-review after revision, the authors are recommended to revise the manuscript according to the opinions of the reviewers and to re-submit them. Resubmitted paper must be reviewed by the reviewer who made the decision on re-reviewing at the first review and if there is any matter to correct found from the re-reviewing, the reviewer should send the review statement back to the author again for the second revision, thereafter, the deputy associate editor shall review to make a decision on acceptance or rejection.
(3) When determinations by the review statements of more than 2 reviewers are inconsistent as Accepted for publication(or Acceptable after revision), and 똓ejected, the author shall be asked to make necessary revision and supplement referring to the contents of the review statements. Upon the receipt of revised paper to KSAS, the deputy associate editor shall determine whether to accept or reject it for publication.

Aforementioned paper review process would take 1 to 3 months usually. The deputy associate editor shall review the English part of the accepted paper, especially, 쏛bstract, and then recommend its publication to the deputy editor-in-chief who will review the fairness of review procedures performed by the responsible editorial members and determine the final acceptability for publication. The paper decided to be published finally will be published in accordance with the publication procedures.